Funky Waves
FW 12.X Ported 12" subwoofer.

The FW12.X is specifically designed for naturally flat response down to 18 Hz. This makes it ideal for large rooms when response below 20 Hz is desired. The Driver with 2.4” peak to peak linear travel, combined with a 2000 watt amplifier, is capable of high output down to 18 Hz. For its frequency response, and output, capability it is also relatively compact. Combined with the EQ.2 bass management device response can be tuned in room for optimal performance. The enclosure is constructed from solid Bamboo plywood; the properties of this material are superb for speaker cabinet construction. It has very high mass and stiffness as well as good internal damping. The slot port is designed with large radiuses externally as well as internally for low turbulence and compression.

  • 12" TC Sounds Linear motor Driver
  • 3" Voice coil
  • Behringer EP4000, 2000 watt RMS amplifier.
  • Bamboo Ply low resonance walls
  • 1.5" front baffle
  • High flow slot port with large radius's for low turbulence
  • Comes with rubber feet or carpet spikes
  • High output down to 18hz
  • EQ.2 bass management system included
  • 14.5" wide 24" high 24" deep
  • 115lbs shipping weight
  • $1750 Free shipping in Canada
  • $1950 Shipped to the Continental USA
  • $1400 Free shipping in Canada, without amplifier
  • $1600 shipped to the Continental USA, Without amplifier
Bamboo finishes, left to right
  • Flat grain caramelized, Flat grain natural, Vertical grain caramelized, Vertical grain natural
  • Brindle, Chestnut, Java, Wheat
  • Natural bamboo can be stained red or black
  • Quiet fan Amplifier $50
  • Antimode 8033 automatic bass EQ system $349
FW 12.X
FW 12.X